Welcome to my GITA 1 webpage

This is the webpage for my computer science 1 class. I'm learning C#. C# is a modern well language in business.
My goals with C# are to get familiar with the language and to know how to design a website and make simple programs which I have done.
I have all of my projects posted so that you can download them. On all of the projects below click on the image of one that catches your eye to download a .exe in a zip file.
. Download visual studio here.

First Semester

GoodBye Program


This program translates goodbye in different langueages while showing picture graphics.

Help Page


This program shows a help page for a company. You navigate it using clickable buttons and you can change the color and font of the words.

Mailing Label


This program uses concatenation to create a mailing label using information from text boxes.

Car Rental


This program uses concatenation and decimals to calculate prices for a car rental service.

Body Mass Index Calculator


This program takes your height and weight to produce a presonal BMI for the user

Car Rental Upgrade


This program acts the same as the previous car rental, but it uses radio buttons to differ the prices between cars.

Second Quarter

Test Score Calculator


This program takes 2 test scores, finds the individual letter grades and the higher test score along with the average of the two.

Dice Roll Program


This program uses a random number generator to roll 2 dices and find probabilities for different values of the dices.

Vegas Craps Game


This program uses random number generators to act as dice with standard Craps rules.

T-Shirt Sales


This program uses radio buttons and check boxes to calculate prices at a t-shirt shop.

Slot Machine


This program simulates a casino slot machine with a $1000 jackpot.

Rock Paper Scissors


This program simulates a two player rock paper scissors game and keeps track of stats.

Fish 1


This program simulates a fish tank where a fish randomly moves left and right while accounting for the amount of times it bumps on the sides of the tank.

Third Quarter

Fish Tank 2D


This program simulates a fish tank where a fish randomly moves left, right, up, and down while accounting for the amount of times it bumps on the sides of the tank.



This program has a playable tic-tac-toe board in which 2 people can play.



This program lets you input numbers and it will give you numbers that fit the order.

Basic AI


This program runs an AI bot to chase down your controllable character while you shoot projectiles at it.

Star Field


This program simulates a space setting that you are travelling through.

Final Quarter

Fish Aquarium


This program simulates a fish tank with all natural elements of the ocean and a boat.

Numbers Array


This program simulates numbers array that generates random numbers 1-5000 and finds the statistics of them

Final Project


This program simulates a mini MOBA video game where you are fighting an array of AI minions.

Evan Kang